Alabama,, Clemson, Ohio State, Washington in!! Penn State, Michigan on outside looking in!

Just like the “Wizard of Oz” behind his curtain; “The Selection Committee” has spoken.
The four invitees into the National Championship playoff dance are the following: 1. Alabama, 2. Clemson, 3. Ohio State, 4. Washington.

Clemson's Dabo Swinney and Alabama's Nick saban Ohio State Coach Urban Meyer Washington Coach Chris Petersen

Left on the outside, like a three year old peering longingly into a toy-filled decorated downtown Macy’s Christmas window is; Penn State.
The argument for putting in the Nittany Lions, who are riding a nine game winning streak, is as strong as Alan Dershowitz defending the State of Israel against any perceived sleight, or his case for Hillary over Donald in the Presidential election.
Here’s the Happy Valley faithful’s argument for inclusion:
Penn State gave the Buckeyes its only loss, which many consider sacrosanct when deciding who is deserving of inclusion.
It won its Division in which both heavyweights Michigan, and Ohio State reside, then went out and won the Big Ten Championship after being down 28-7 against Wisconsin, earning the conference championship, which is a very difficult goal to accomplish.
Just ask Ohio State and Michigan.
The other side of the argument: Penn State has a pair of losses, while Ohio State has only one, albeit to Penn State.
The ‘Nits were crushed by third-place Michigan: 49-10, and also suffered a 3-point loss to 22nd ranked Pitt.
The Committee, in its wisdom, threw out the head to head debate, and decided to go with Washington whose non-conference schedule was a bottom feeding 127, but the Pac-12 Conference Champion snuck its way in by the benefit of having only a single loss.
But that’s what happens when you have five power conferences and only four slots.
But in all honesty, that’s what we love about college football, the chaos, arguments, and controversy.
If I could be the college football czar here’s how I would do things:
I would reduce the season schedule to 10-games, and the season wouldn’t start until the first Saturday after Labor Day.
There would be no byes, and you would only be allowed to schedule a single non-conference opponent of high quality, a top-20 team.
We would eliminate the conference championship games, and the bowls would be reduced to a total of twenty, and only the conference champs would be considered for playoff spots.
Ah, but that has about as much chance of happening as Donald Trump has becoming President.
What?!! Never Mind!
Anyway, as always it’s been a fun season, that once again, went by faster than the campaign of Martin O’Malley.
We’ll be back Wednesday night to close out the season with our annual Army/Navy, the Old Man and Me, and our analysis of the last true-amateur event left in America: The Army/Navy Classic.
Until then, Peace, and listen to the music. PK


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