Texas Tech, Tennessee, Texas, stunned, Oregon, Arizona crushed, UMass rolled by Notre Dame, Harvard wins 16th in row!

Are you kidding me!!

That is the sentiment echoing around the “Sunday morning coming down” noggins of the faithful in Knoxville, Lubbock, Fayetteville, Austin, Eugene, and Tempe.

On paper it looked like a mundane college football Saturday, but by late Saturday night it was a “Nightmare on Elm Street,” for those aforementioned losers.

“Gomer Pyle” would have summarized the day this way: “Shazam, Shazam, Shazam!”

In Gainesville, the Gators were all but down and out trailing 27-14 with a shade more than five minutes left.

And that is when analyst Gary Danielson (not our fav) said, “Remember there are still a lot of demons that Tennessee must slay before this is over.”

Well the demons won out as UT Coach Butch Jones was stricken with brain cramps as the Gators stormed from behind to stun the Vols 28-27 continuing its mastery over UT which has now stretched to 11 consecutive years.

It was the second time this season that Tennessee saw a 13-point lead evaporate late in the fourth quarter, but this one will be tough to get over.

The winning touchdown came on a fourth and fourteen play, which ended up being a 63-yard TD reception to Antonio Callaway with 1:26 left on the clock.

On the previous three plays the Vols blitzed or pressured the Gators QB Will Grier, but inexplicably on fourth and forever sat back putting a spy on the QB, who had all day to find an open receiver, and “Boom” the rest is history.

Jones is also getting crushed for not going for the 2-point conversion late in the game to make it a two-TD (14 point) lead.

As well as for his ridiculously conservative play calling while nursing a skinny 6-point lead.

OUCH!!!  This one will sting for a long time.

Note: Tennessee lined up for a 55-yard game winning field goal, which had the distance, but just sailed wide right.

In the home of Buddy Holly, Lubbock, Texas it was, as expected, a classic Texas shootout as TCU kept its playoff chances on life support with a thrilling 55-52 come-from-behind victory against the Red Raiders of Texas Tech.

The winning touchdown came on a fourth and goal tipped pass that was snatched by Aaron Green in the back of the end zone with; 23 seconds left for the crushing, or glorious, defeat or victory depending on whose colors one was wearing.

Texas A@M at Jerry’s House (Home of the Dallas Cowboys) needed a late two-point conversion to force overtime then scored the winner in overtime to stun the “Gasbaggers” otherwise known as the Razorbacks of Arkansas: 28-21.

Coach Bret Bielema’s Hogs, who fought hard have not brought home the bacon and are now an undersized: 1-3 to start, what was supposed to be a promising season in Home of Frank Broyles.

In Austin it hasn’t been this bad since before the arrival of Darrel Royal.  DOUBLE YIKES!!

The last time the Horns sat 1-3 to begin a season, Dwight Eisenhower was in the White House 1956, and Texas is now 7-10 under Coach Charlie Strong, and a woeful 5-22 in its last 27 against ranked opponents.  TRIPLE YIKES!!!

There is blame aplenty for the Sons of Earl Campbell as Texas compiled an unfathomable 16 penalties including a late game 15-yard personal foul on Strong which led to the Ok State tying field goal.

That can’t and should not happen!!

The winning field goal came when Texas punter Michael Dickson, a rugby style kicker fumbled the snap and scuffed a 10-yard punt giving the Cowboys a stunning game-ending regulation win; a 40-yard field goal with 6 seconds left.  Down goes the Horns!!  WOW!!

How bad are things in Austin?

Oklahoma State is the first team in history to win four consecutive times in Austin!!  OUCH!!

Where’s Mack Brown when you need him??!!

Maybe the Utes of Utah are the best team in the country!!

Its opening season win over Michigan is looking better and better, but its 62-20 crush job Saturday night in Eugene, courtesy of QB Travis Wilson against the “wingless” Ducks of Eugene grabbed everyone’s attention.

It was Oregon’s worst home loss since Jimmy Carter was strolling the halls of the White House – 1977- a 54-0 whitewashing by Washington.

And the most points ever surendered by the Green from Eugene at home.  YIKES!!!

Where’s Chip Kelly when you need him??!!

In Tempe Coach Rich Rod’s Cats showed what happens after gorging on too many cupcakes to open the season.

In what was billed as a Pac-12 showdown, quickly evolved into a declawing as the Bruins of UCLA, who are looking more and more like a playoff contender, went out and toyed: 56-30 with the Wildcats like they were a bunch of catnip.   OUCH!!

It was a desert storm performance by the visitors as its freshman QB Josh Rosen played like an All-American.

On the local front the teammates: Tim Murphy of Harvard, and Buddy Teevens of Dartmouth continued their winning ways as the Crimson crushed the Brown Bears 53-27, impressively running its FCS winning streak to 16 games, the longest in the nation.

It its 115th meeting between the Ivy neighbors it was the most points compiled by the Sons of Joe Restic since its initial meeting in 1893.  WOW!!!

Tim Murphy is one hell of a football coach.  And should have been at BC when O’Brien left, but that is a story for another day.

The Commonwealth’s other Division 1 eleven ventured into South Bend and played a tremendous first half before falling to possibly one of the nation’s best in Notre Dame; 62-27.

Mark Whipple’s Amherst charges were unable to slow the Irish ground assault surrounding over 450 rushing yards!!  YIKES!!!

Mark Whipple (0-3) should also be coaching at BC, but again that is a story for another time.

Our pal Al Bagnoli now ensconced with the job of turning around the fate of Columbia football, aka the “Charlie Browns of Morningside Heights” lost to Georgetown 24-21 running Columbia streak of ineptitude to 23 straight.

It was a game that many thought would end the streak, but with the Pope just in town, it was all Jesuits all the time.

Nice story in Bloomington as the Hoosiers of Indiana 4-0 have its longest winning streak in 25-years good for them.  The Sons of John Pont need just a pair of wins to become bowl eligible.

While Big Brother in West Lafayette, Purdue lost yet again (1-3) as the coaching seat of Darrell Hazell (5-23) in his 2 plus years at the helm is hotter than the rhetoric spewing from Bernie Sanders.

We close with the spirit of Charlie Weis as Kansas (0-3) the last team he ruined, and now one of the nation’s worst fell to Rutgers: 27-14.  Sorry Charlie!!!

That’s it from cyber-space.  We’ll be up and running with our analysis of week 5 Wednesday night.  Until then, Peace, and listen to the music.  Pk

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