Toledo shocks Arkansas, Notre Dame stages miraculous comeback, Mich. State beats Oregon, LSU, Temple, Kentucky grab victories

It seemed as if the gods of college football were channeling Elvis; as renditions of “Heartbreak Hotel” broke out all over the country.

We’ll begin in Little Rock with the biggest shocker of the day as the “Rockets” of Toledo, a 21-point underdog, knocked off the “mighty” Razorbacks of Arkansas: 16-12.  YIKES!!  And Holy Toledo!!!

Toledo’s D stifled the “vaunted” Bielema ground attack limiting it to a measly 103 yards, and 3.3 yards a pop.

It also twice stopped late potential game winning drives with the game’s final attempt coming from the Rockets 12-yard line as time expired. WOW!!

The humongous upset was orchestrated by former Alabama backup QB Phillip Ely who played like Captain Bly.

But for us, the best part; it humbled (at least temporarily), and quieted the overly pompous gasbag Razorback coach Bret Bielema.  Which is no easy task.   Good for Toledo!!!

Next we’ll travel to Charlottesville and the school founded by Thomas Jefferson the University of Virginia who lost a last second “heartbreaker” to Notre Dame 34-27.

The Irish squandered its 26-14 lead when the Cavs scored with 1:54 left to take a 27-26 lead.

“The Domers” who lost starting QB Malik Zaire for the season to a broken ankle earlier in the game needed his backup, and now starter, DeShone Kizer to find a way.

And find a way he did, hitting ND’s starry wideout Will Fuller with a 39 yard over-the shoulder touchdown winning 34-27 catch with 12 ticks left on the clock.   AMAZING!!!

The biggest heartbreaker involves UVA Coach Mike London whose seat, now hotter than the gasses on Mercury, would have at least cooled to blazing status.

“Now DeShone has to run our football team, and we feel good about it,” said Irish Coach Brian Kelly.  We’ll see!!

[As a side note Justin Yoon a product of Milton Academy and considered the country’s number one rated kicker last year, missed three field goals.]

Next we turn to the Plains of Auburn where the Tigers needed overtime to finally defeat its 1AA opponent Jacksonville State 27-20!!  Are you kidding me???

In fact, War Eagle needed a leaping touchdown catch by Melvin Ray with less than a minute left just to get a chance to play in the overtime.  Really!!!!

Tiger starting QB Jeremy Jonson, who some were touting as the next Cam Newton, has played more like Howard Johnson, except with only a single flavor.

The QB needs to purchase the game “Clue,” because he’s truly been clueless on the field.

From there, we’ll venture to Knoxville and a visit to Boys from Rocky Top.

During the first half, its 100,000-plus Checkerboard zealots, the largest crowd Oklahoma has ever played before, generated noise levels of over 100 decibels as the Volunteers soared to 17-0 lead.

Unfortunately that cacophony was silenced as OU staged a comeback for the ages, as the Sons of Johnny Majors fell; 31-24 in overtime.

It was a crushing defeat for the rebuilding Vols who have now lost 28 of its last 29 to ranked teams, and are a woeful 2-34 against Top-25 teams since 2008.  Double Yikes!!!

And for “Big-Game” Bob, he called it; “One of my most special wins, maybe my favorite of all time.”

“A little Sooner Magic came back out…” said Stoops, who has now beaten an SEC opponent for the third consecutive season.  Good for them!!!

From there we’ll move to the Queen City, where the Owls of Temple now find themselves 2-0 after going on the road, and stifling the highly touted Bearcats of Cincinnati: 34-26.

It was Temple’s first victory at Nippert Stadium since the Reagan Administration: 1985.  WOW!!

Temple now finds itself 2-0 for the first time since the last days of W’s Administration 2008, and its success can be traced to its opportunistic D which had 5 takeaways including 4 interceptions the last coming in the end zone to ice the victory.  The Owls are a hoot!!!

We’ll zip over to Columbia, South Carolina where the other Stoops, his brother Mark, celebrated a semi-historic victory by his Wildcats of Kentucky, ending a 22 game road losing streak that had stretched over 5-years by defeating the Gamecocks of South Carolina 26-22.

The Cats find themselves 2-0.  Good for them!!!

It’s on to East Lansing, where the Spartans of Michigan State also celebrated its most significant victory since its famous 1966 10-10 tie against Notre Dame defeating a fast closing Oregon Ducks team: 31-28.

The MSU D stopped the Ducks four-times on fourth down!!

In fact, one has to back to the Administration of LBJ the last time a pair of top ten teams met in Spartan Stadium, and it sets Mark Dantonio’s Boys up for a legitimate chance for a playoff invite.

In Starkville, home of the Bulldogs of Mississippi State, LSU hung on to claim a agita inducing  21-19 victory, as MSU missed a 52-yard game winning field goal as time expired.

The key to the play was a 5-yard delay of game penalty making it a longer field goal try.  Amazing!!!!

How bad are things on the Piscataway Campus, otherwise known as the Home of Rutgers Football?

Well Washington State travels across the country after losing last week to a 1AA team, and marches 90-yards down the field scoring the winning TD with: 13 left for an improbable: 37-34 victory.  YIKES!!

With all the “stuff” swirling around the program, nobody’s seat is as warm as Knight’s Coach Kyle Flood and that included UVA’s Mike London.

Finally, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the foolishness that took place yesterday at Chestnut Hill: a 76-0 exhibition walk-through by the Eagles against that juggernaut: 1AA Howard University Bison.

In this “everyone gets a trophy society” both teams agreed to shorten the periods to ten minutes for the second half.  What a joke!!   Is this Pop Warner??

And BC wonders why it has difficulty generating any interest.  Try playing Harvard, or how about UMass- now there’s a concept!!   As we have said many a time in these pages:  ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Outside of that debacle, it was another tremendous “Heartbreak Hotel” week of college football.

That’s it from cyber-space.  We’ll be up and running with our analysis of week 3 Wednesday night.  Until then, Peace, and listen to the music.  Pk


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