Ohio State, Baylor, TCU all impressively hold serve, who gets invited to the playoff??!!

Let the arguments ensue!

Next week Army/Navy officially closes out the 2014 College Football season, but today’s selection of the fourth team into the inaugural playoff system remains very much in doubt.

There are three locks; Alabama, Oregon, and Florida State, but the mystery guest will be announced today at 12:45 p.m. and in the spirit of the Christmas season a lot of spiritual offerings are being made to the football gods; in Waco, Fort Worth, and Columbus.

Baylor, TCU, and Ohio State all held serve with impressive performances, but two are going to feel; “We wuz robbed!”  And they just might both be from the Big-12 Conference.

The feeling here is that Ohio State garners the invitation, leaving TCU and Baylor gawking through the glass window of Tiffany’s, while the stylish gentleman and his model fiancé pick out the engagement ring with the initials: OSU.

The playoff committee’s job is a lot more difficult than anyone imagined. And take this to the bank, there will be a Championship game in the Big 12 next season.

But we’ll begin in East Hartford, Connecticut, at Rentschler Field, the home of the “Fighting Huskies” of UConn the owners of a woeful 2-10 record, who yesterday, lost to a previously winless bunch of SMU Mustangs: 27-20. YIKES!!

“That locker room was like winning the damn national championship,” said SMU interim coach Tom Mason, celebrating the end of the Mustangs run of futility

It was UConn’s first 10-loss season since Jimmy Carter was checking into who was using the White House tennis courts in 1977.

The season of ineptitude was aptly summarized in the first two sentences of the game story by the Hartford Courant’s Desmond Conner; “It’s over. Thank goodness.”


Reese Davis of ESPN captured it best when he introduced the “highlights” by saying; “In front of tens of people.” OUCH!!!

Where’s Mark Whipple when you need him, oh, yeah, coaching at UMass Amherst. Too bad!!

In the SEC Championship game, Groucho’s favorite team, Alabama, won its fifth SEC Championship during Nick Saban’s tenure, which ties him with Steve Spurrier.

During the week, Saban told his senior first year starting QB Blake Sims, who has a tendency to get over-hyped for these big occasions to: “Play this game like; Cool Hand Luke.”

“He looks at me and says, ‘Who the hell is that?’ We’ve got to get that on Netflix or something,” said Saban.

In what may have been Urban Meyer’s best coaching job, the Buckeyes of Ohio State with its third string QB, went out and hammered, and embarrassed a highly respected Wisconsin Badgers team by the jaw-dropping score; 59-0. Can you say, “No Show!”

In his three year tenure in Columbus, Urban’s Boys have compiled a Rockne-like record; 36-3!! Amazing.

On the local front the No.1 ranked New Hampshire Wildcats cruised over the Fordham Rams 44-19 in the second round of the Football subdivision playoffs.

UNH has won 11 straight and will play the University of Tennessee Chattanooga at home next Saturday.

Congrats to them!!

And Villanova continues on with its last minute 29-22 victory over Liberty. Good for them!!

In Norman, it’s official.

The “Big Game” moniker once attached to Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops was officially buried yesterday, when the Sooners couldn’t hold a 14-point fourth quarter lead, losing to its arch-rival the Cowboys of Oklahoma State: 38-35. The pokes had lost five-in-a-row by the average margin of 21 points, yet somehow went in to Norman and left with a bowl-eligible W.

The loss dropped the once feared Sons of Barry Switzer to a pedestrian (8-4, 5-4), but more devastatingly for its faithful, into the irrelevant pile of college football.

And in Norman, that is unpardonable!! We think both Norman, and Stoops have reached the “irreconcilable differences” stage. OUCH!!

Finally, this is our last recap of the season. Thanks to all who checked in. We’ll be up and running with our annual: “Army/Navy, the old man and me,” Wednesday night. Until then, Peace, and listen to the music. PK


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