Recap week 2

Wow!!!  You could watch a zillion pro-football games, and not come close to the thrills that occurred Saturday; in Auburn, Athens, Ann Arbor, Austin, Columbus, and Houston.  That’s the beauty of college football.

We’ll begin in Ann Arbor, where, in the first night game ever played at the Big House, and in front of the largest crowd, 114,000, (many of whom may still be in the stands), to ever witness a college football game, Michigan stunned Notre Dame, in an improbable 35-31 comeback victory, in which 3 touchdowns were scored in the final 72 seconds.

It is also the first time the Maize and Blue have won three straight against the Irish since Teddy Roosevelt (1908) occupied the White House.

First the Good.

 It was truly Mr. Robinson’s neighborhood in the fourth quarter. 

After being bottled up through most of the game, the electrifying QB, (11-24, 338, 4 TD’s – 108 rushing), completing the winning score with 2 seconds left on the clock, driving Michigan 80 yards in less than 30 seconds.

Now the bad.  Defense, we don’t need no stinking defense! 

That unfortunately appears, to once again, be the manta in South Bend, as the Irish imploded on the UM’s final desperation drive, in a game where at one point they were leading; 24-7. YIKES!!

The other thing that seems apparent is that Notre Dame’s favorite dessert is a turnover. 

The Blue and Gold turned the ball over four more times, once inside the ten, where points would have probably iced the game. 

ND now has 9, count them, 9 turnovers, in its first two games, and with a 0-2 start to its season, coach Kelly’s stated goal of a BCS invite is out the window, as the Irish continue to search for its first 2011 win.  AMAZING!!

Another spine tingler took place between the hedges, in Athens, Georgia.

 Steve Spurrier’s South Carolina Gamecocks stuck a dagger into the heart of the Bulldogs, and possibly into the future employment of Georgia coach Mark Richt, as the Cocks won a wild 45-42 SEC classic.

It was games that saw the lead change hands seven times, and tie once.  It also saw a pair of freshman, Georgia tailback Isiah Crowell, and South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney, become impact players.

It also featured senior defensive end Melvin Ingram, who scored two touchdowns, one on a fake punt snap in which he rumbled 68 yards, with sprinters speed, while carrying his weight of 276 pounds!!  Amazing!

Georgia falls to 0-2 for the first time since 1996, and there may be a list being compiled to find Richt replacement.

The embattled coach is now 14-14 in his last 28, while losing 9 of his last 10 against ranked opponents, and 7 of his last 10 against SEC opponents.  Can you say; Century 21.

An even more ominous sign for the Administration was the snaking line of fans leaving late in the fourth quarter with the game still very much in doubt, but showing little faith in its coach to orchestrate a comeback.  DOUBLE YIKES!

In Auburn, I want whatever the Tigers coach Gene Chizik is drinking.

In a game, that, according to the experts War Eagle had no business in winning, it somehow pulled out a 41-34 victory, stopping Mississippi State on the goal line on the game’s final play.  Auburn miraculously continues on with the nation’s longest winning streak, now resting at 17.

How far have things fallen in West Lafayette?  Well the Boilermakers fell to Rice, when the Owls blocked a game ending 31 yard field goal defeating Purdue 24-22.

It was the Rice’s first victory over a BCS qualifying team in a decade.  Where’s Joe Tiller when you need him???!!!!!!!

In Austin, Texas, like Diogenes, continues to search for some offense, as it pulled out a 17-16 comeback victory over BYU. 

It was also Deja-vu.  Mack Brown pulled ineffective starting quarterback Garrett Gilbert, and inserted David Ash and Case McCoy (Colt’s younger brother), who completed a huge fourth quarter pass to Jaxon Shipley, who made a phenomenal catch, much like his UT grad, All-America brother.

In Chestnut Hill things are getting bleaker, as BC is 0-2 for the first time since the bad old days of Dan Henning.  YIKES!!!  

The Eagle’s offense is absolutely horrid, and the defense isn’t much better once again allowing over 200 yards on the ground, at an average clip of 5.2 yards a carry.  Yikes!!

The ability of QB Chase Rettig, (10-23 – 70 yds. – 2 interceptions), to lead a Division 1 football team, once again must be called into question.

Finally in Wake Forest, old friend Tom O’Brien lost his ACC opener to 34-27, not a good sign for the coach who has had only 1 winning season since come to Raleigh four plus years ago.

That’s it from cyber-space we’ll be up and running with our week 3 analyses on Wednesday night.


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