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Handicapping New Year’s BCS Games

Here’s our New Year’s Day BCS two-pack.

No. 4 Wisconsin vs. No. 3 TCU   Rose Bowl – Pasadena, Calif. (ESPN, 5 p.m.)

The red cladded Madison faithful, who are making its first trek to Pasadena since 2000, will blend nicely amongst the roses.

Wisconsin, the nation’s fourth highest scoring team (43 pts. a game, tied with TCU) rumbles behind a Sumo-sized (averaging 330 pounds) offensive line, featuring a pair of All-Americas; tackle Gabe Carimi and guard John Moffitt, who open holes wider than a collapsed BP oil pipe.

The beneficiaries of this Badger pachyderms is its three-headed tailback monster; All-America John Clay, James White, and Monte Ball, who have combined for a jaw-dropping 44 touchdowns, 2829 rushing yards, while losing only three fumbles.

The ring-master of this Wiscy assault, is the nation’s fourth most efficient passer, QB Scott Tolzien (16 touchdown passes – 6 interceptions), who completes a nation’s best 74 percent of his passes.  The dart thrower is assisted by a pair of All-State (good hands) receivers: Nick Toon and Lance Kendricks.

The D, led by backers Blake Sorensen, Culmer St, Jean and All-America end J.J. Watt surrenders only 20 points a game, and is equally disruptive defending the pass and the run.

Purple Rules, as Coach Gary Patterson’s Horned Frogs have earned its second consecutive BCS invite.

These Sons of Sammy Baugh, who have won 12 in a row and 24 of its last 25, are intent on showing the nation they are equal partners with the elite.

The country’s fourth highest scoring (43-tied with Wisconsin) offense is directed by dual-threat QB Andy Dalton (26 touchdown passes – 6 interceptions), who operates as the nation’s fifth most efficient passer.

The Fort Worth rifle, who is tougher than a hankie from a weepy John Boehner, is assisted by tailbacks; Ed Wesley, Matthew Tucker and wideouts Jeremy Kerley and Josh Boyce.

With apologies to the late, great, columnist George Frazier, it’s the D, which gives the Frogs its Duende.

These kryptonite wonders, lead the nation in overall D, are the nation’s stingiest, surrendering 11.4 points a game, and swarm behind end Wayne Daniels, and backers Tanner Brock and Tank Carder.

In the “Granddaddy of Them All,” we think it’s the Plow Boys from Madison who eventually wear down the Frogs of TCU and capture the Rose Bowl crown.

No. 9 Oklahoma vs. No. 25 Connecticut   Fiesta Bowl – Glendale, Arizona (ESPN, 8:30 p.m.)

In Norman, “Big Game” Bob is hoping to break the OU five game losing streak in BCS bowl games.

The Sooners cruise with an aerial attack that is the envy of the North Korean military, while operating with more precision, than the Blue Angels.

The OU top gun is the nation’s second ranked passer, QB Landry Jones (35 touchdown passes – 11 interceptions), with huge assists from his Store 24 receiver, All-America Ryan Broyles (14 TDs – second in the country in receptions 9 per game), along with dual threat tailback Demarco Murray – 14 touchdowns, 69 receptions, and over 1100 yards rushing.

The D, with its 17 picks, and plus-14 in turnover margin, has a pair of All-Americas; end Jeremy Beal and backer Travis Lewis, and despite its early to mid-season struggles, has lately played like vintage OU teams.

Randy Edsall’s Huskies mushed it way to Arizona, by closing its season, with a five game winning streak.

And despite its woeful offensive ranking (96th), the heart of the UConn offense is its bowling ball tailback Jordan Todman (14 TDs), the nation’s second leading rusher (1574 yards), averaging 143 yards a game.

Quarterback Zach Frazier (5 touchdown passes – 4 interceptions- 52% completions) would never qualify as the lead dog, but brings a steady reassurance, with assists from wideouts; Michael Smith and Kashif Moore.

The D, led by backers Lawrence Wilson, Sio Moore and end Jessee Joseph, has 19 interceptions, a plus 12 turnover margin, and plays the classic bend don’t break style, allowing only 19.8 points per game.

In a game in which Stoops has to win, and one in which UConn wants to prove it can play with the “Big Boys,” it’s the Sooners, who ring in the New Year, with a big victory.

(Material from other sources was used in compiling this report.)

We will be up and running with our Championship Game analysis one week from today.

Until then, Peace, and listen to the music.


Bowl Season Analysis

We begin this week with our bowl overview.

To say there are too many bowl games (35) is like saying Russian President Vladimir Putin is a serious man.

Over half, of the 120 teams playing Division One college football, “earn” an invite to postseason play.  Translation: the bowls have simply become another way of rewarding mediocrity.

Is anybody interested in watching a 6-6 team playing in a bowl game?

Here’s an injustice. 

Tenth ranked Boise State (12-1), who lost its only game, to a ranked, one-loss Nevada team, by a missed chip shot field goal, gets sent to Siberia, to play in Las Vegas on December 22 (Merry Christmas), because they are not part of the “big-boy” network.

But the following five pack of 7-5 teams: Florida, Northwestern, Penn State, Texas Tech, and Michigan, all kick off on New Year’s Day.

If we could be the Czar of College Football, we’d cut the bowl number down to 15, begin playing the day after Christmas, and end the post season, on the day in which it was always intended – New Year’s Day –when the National Champion would be crowned.

We would also never break the format for the Rose Bowl – it should always be Big Ten vs. PAC 10 – no exceptions.  This year TCU will be playing in Pasadena, while one loss Ohio State and Michigan State play elsewhere.

Our 15 would include the following: Rose, Cotton, Sugar, Orange, Fiesta, Gator, Capital One, Liberty, Outback, Holiday, Sun, Capital One, Chick-fil-A, Music City, and Meineke Car Care.

In that “Murderer’s Row” lineup, nobody would be worse than 9-4, it would be must watch television.

Unlike the Jan.6, Bowl; which features Miami (Ohio) against (6-6) Middle Tennessee, or the December 18 bowl season opener; the New Mexico Bowl, featuring a pair of 6-6 squads, BYU vs. UTEP – Yuck!

That said, outside of the BCS match-ups, we think the following threesome might be worth watching.

No. 15 Alabama vs. No. 7 Michigan State – Capital One Bowl – January 1, Orlando (ESPN, 1 p.m.)

Bama is a strong favorite (10 points) against an 11-1 Michigan State team, who gave forth ranked Wisconsin its only defeat.

Coach Nick Saban will have the Tide ready after the bitter taste of historically blowing a 24 point lead in the Iron Bowl; a 28-27 loss to Auburn.

While on the Sparty side, Coach Mark Dantonio wants to show that his Michigan State Spartans deserved to be in a BCS game, and that the Big Ten can hold up against one of the powers in the SEC.

No. 21 Mississippi State vs. Michigan – Gator Bowl – January 1, Jacksonville (ESPN2, 1:30 p.m.)

The intrigue and focus of this game is the employment status of Michigan Coach $Rich Rod.  A loss, especially on of lopsided magnitude, and the Administration of Michigan might pull the plug on its beleaguered coach; Rich Rodriguez.

On the other side, the Bulldogs, under Coach Dan Mullen had a terrific year (8-4), having won seven of its last nine, making them very capable of putting that employment ending hurting on the Maize and Blue.

Florida vs. Penn State – Outback Bowl – January 1, Tampa (Ch. 5, 1 p.m.)

The coaches are the focus of this game.

On the Florida side, we have two time national champion winning Coach, Urban Meyer stepping down (health) at the age of 46, while on the Penn State side, we have the Lion of Happy Valley – 84 year old JoePa- coming back for one more season.  Amazing!

A word of advice: the most important factor to take into consideration when analyzing any bowl match-up is; which team really wants to be there? 

For example; does Nebraska, who walloped Washington 56-21 in September, really want to play the Huskies again in the Holiday Bowl?  Or does Oklahoma, a 17 point favorite, really want to be playing a 4 loss UConn team in the Fiesta Bowl? 

Despite the bowl plethora, we don’t advocate a playoff system, maybe a plus-one, but nothing more.

If there was a playoff system in place, Bosie State’s loss to Nevada would not have carried as much weight, or Auburn’s phenomenal comeback against Alabama might simply have dropped the Tide into a lower seed, and who cares about that!

We treasure the importance of the college football regular season.  It’s the best of all seasons in any sport.


We’ll be back the Wednesday before New Years to give our analysis for the two January 1, BCS games.  Until then, Peace, and Merry Christmas.

Handicapping Week 15

We begin this week with a father-son story.

On Saturday in Philadelphia, in the last pure sporting event left in America, the football teams of Army and Navy will renew acquaintances for the 111th time.

In addition to its magnificent pageantry, the game holds for me, a much deeper connection.

On December 7, 1963, at the age of eleven, some two weeks after the assassination of President Kennedy, I watched my first college football game, that year’s Army/Navy game, which featured Navy quarterback, and Heisman Trophy winner, Roger Staubach.

I watched with my dad, in the living room on the top floor of our Dorchester three-decker.

We watched on a black and white Philco television, and even though the “old man,” was WW II army, I was a Navy fan.

It was a spine tingling ending, with Navy hanging on for the 21-15 victory, as time ran out on Army, who had the ball on the Middies one, ready to go in for the winning score.

It began a life long love affair with the game of college football, in which I now participate as; a Heisman Trophy voter.

But for me, the rivalry’s significance doesn’t end there.

My dad passed away a little over nine years ago, but four years before his demise, in the spring of 1998, he experienced a “mini” stroke, which made me realize that this 75 year old man wouldn’t be around forever.

It was that realization, which put my plan into action.  I would surprise my dad, by taking him to witness the Army/Navy game first hand, sort of a “full-circle” journey.

It was to be a one day whirlwind excursion, so I made the airline reservations, but now I needed tickets.

Not just any seats, but something good, especially for a guy in his mid-seventies.

I called my pal, the great Boston Globe photographer Bill Brett, and asked him, if he would ask the late columnist Will McDonough, if he would ask his son Sean, who at the time was working for CBS Sports, and broadcasting the game, for help securing some good seats.

They all came through, and I picked up the tickets at the will-call window in an envelope marked: CBS Sports.  The guy at the window said, “You must be important.”

Little did he know!  We ventured to our seats; lower level about 8 rows up from the rail, 45 yard line – perfect!

Now as we are sitting around various Naval brass, after a few minutes my father, the former army private looks at me, and says, “Are you sure we are in the right seats?”

Translation: How could a nitwit like you, possibly pull off seats like this!

We had a great day, watching what turned out to be at that time the highest scoring game (since surpassed) in the history of the rivalry, a 34-30 victory by Army.

On the plane ride home, just as we were about to take off, the old man leaned in again and said, “In case I forget, I want to thank you.”  For a WW II father, that simple statement was like War and Peace.

That’s why the game has such deep meaning for me.

Now to the game

Army vs. Navy – Philadelphia (Ch. 4, 2:30 p.m.) The West Point faithful are hoping; this is the year.

And Yes, Virginia (in the spirit of the season), there is reason for such optimism.

Despite an eight game losing streak to its heated rival, Army Coach Rich Ellerson’s Cadets (6-5), will be going bowling for the first time since Bill Clinton occupied the Oval Office in 1966, Army’s last winning season.

The triple option Black Knights, under the command of QB Trent Steelman, (11 rushing TDs) is the igniter of the nation’s ninth best rushing attack.

The steely leader is assisted by tailback Jared Hassin and when Army does throw (last in the nation) wideout Austin Barr is the primary target.

The D, led by backer Stephen Anderson, and ends; Josh McNary and Jarret Mackey is a plus 11 in turnover margin, and efficiently solid in all phases.

The Middies option is led by starry QB Ricky Dobbs (806 yards – 13 rush touchdowns), whose stated goal is; to be president of the United States in 2040.

The director of the nation’s fifth best rushing attack (302 yards a game) is as tough as a $5 steak, and sails along with assists from tailback Alexander Teich and wideout Greg Jones.

The pedestrian D, behind ends Billy Yarborough, Jabaree Tuani and backer Tyler Simmons, hasn’t played to Annapolis standards; ranking 69th overall.

In a game in which Army may even have the lead, we think the better athletes are still on the side of the blue Middies, and the streak, although threatened, climbs to nine.


(Material from other sources was used in compiling this report.)

In the final report of the season: 

                                                    Last week’s record: 5-0                Season record: 47-23.

Recap Week 14

In Atlanta all roads led to; Rout 56!

Back in his Florida days, South Carolina Coach Steve Spurrier was famous for saying, “We hung a half-a-hundred on ‘em.” 

Not this time!!

It was Mr. All-World, QB Cam Newton, (6 TDs, 4 passes, 2 rushing) and his Auburn Tigers, who did the hanging, crushing Spurrier’s Gamecocks 56-17, to win the SEC Championship, and earning a ticket to play for the national championship. 

How magical has the ride been for the Boys from the Plains?

 Well, with no time left in the half, and leading by only 7 points (21-14), the next Heisman Trophy winner, launched a 51 yard, up for grabs pass, into the end zone – pass tipped – deflected into the arms of Auburn wideout Darvin Adams – touchdown, game over!! 

In the other de-facto playoff game, Oregon, who finished with its first 12 win season in school history, had a battle against its rival Oregon State, but eventually prevailed; 37-20, to set up the championship game that everyone wants to see.

As we mentioned before, the Ducks Coach Chip Kelly, who less than five years ago, was the offensive coordinator at UNH, will now be coaching to win a national championship!  In two years as the Ducks head man, Kelly has taken Oregon to the Rose Bowl and now the “Big One,” only in America!!

In Connecticut, Dave Teggart could get elected governor.

The UConn field goal kicker made a career-long 52-yarder with less than 20 seconds left, to defeat South Florida 20-17, sending the Boys from Storrs into the BCS Fiesta Bowl to face mighty Oklahoma.

 All the more amazing, since UConn didn’t begin playing Division 1 football until the year 2000 and in this game, the biggest in school history, didn’t score an offensive touchdown.  Amazing!! 

Nobody in the country does more with less than Randy Edsall.  Hopefully he remains the head man in Storrs.

After losing its first two season opening games, including one to D-1AA James Madison, Franks Beamer’s Virginia Tech Hokies, completed its inside straight, winning its 11th in a row, knocking off Florida State 44-33, to capture its third ACC Title in four years. 

VaTech will be peeling its way into a very intriguing Orange Bowl to play a very good Stanford Cardinal team.

In Dallas, it was one last rodeo for these ancient rivals; Oklahoma and Nebraska, before Nebraska high tails it to the Big Ten. 

In the early going, it looked all the world like a Husker blowout, as Big Red jumped out to a 17-0 lead, only to see the Sooners come all the way back 23-20, and capture the Big Twelve Crown. 

OU shutout Nebraska in the second half, with a punishing D, something that Bob Stoops Boys hadn’t been able to do most of the season.  Nebraska has lost its last two Big Twelve title games by a combined total of; 4 points. OUCH!!

With old friend and Cougs alum Drew Bledsoe looking on from the sideline, Washington QB Jake Locker led the Huskies on a last second touchdown winning drive and a scintillating 35-28 victory over Washington State. 

The gritty senior QB has Washington going to its first bowl since W occupied the Oval Office in 2002. 

Finally, in the last recap of the season, congrats to Nevada QB Colin Kaepernick for tying (Nebraska’s Eric Crouch) the NCAA career touchdown rushing record for quarterbacks, as the Wolf Pack defeated Louisiana Tech 35-17, as the starry QB rushed for three touchdowns.


(Material from other sources was used in compiling this report.)

We’ll be up and running Wednesday night, with our last analysis of the year’s final and fitting season ending game; Army/Navy but with a different twist than usual.  Until then Peace, and listen to the music.

Handicapping week 14

We begin this week with the classic cliché, “The grass is always greener ….”

Several weeks ago, LSU head man, Les Miles, also known as the “Mad Hatter,” was caught on national television, pulling a few blades of grass from the field, popping them into his mouth, and then chewing like a cow. 

When asked about this oddity, Miles responded, like Miles; “I have a little tradition that humbles me as a man.  That lets me know that I’m still part of the field and part of the game.”

I can tell you one thing; the grass in Tiger Stadium is the best.”  Sounds like he may have also smoked some!

This weekend, let’s see which teams are forced to chew on another loss, and which has its faithful “spark” one up, in victory celebration.

No. 1 Oregon at Oregon State (Ch. 5, 3:30 p.m.) The Ducks flight plan is clear.

A win in the 114th edition of the Civil War, and the Green from Eugene, will punch its ticket into the national championship game.

Oregon, the nation’s highest scoring eleven (50 pts. a game), can score faster, than North Korea’s Kim Jong-il, can fire a missile.

This offensive juggernaut, commanded by QB Darron Thomas (26 touchdown passes – 7 interceptions) motors on the legs of the nation’s leading rusher, and Heisman Trophy contender, LaMichael James (19Tds, 154 yds. a game), with a large assist from his Linus-blanket wideout, Jeff Maehl – 12 touchdown receptions.

The nation’s 15th stingiest D (18 pts. – plus 11 turnover margin) attacks behind backers Casey Matthews and Spencer Paysinger, and despite hauling in 16 interceptions, shows some vulnerability defending the pass.

The Beavers have been chewed by injuries.

OSU’s brightest star; tailback Jacquizz Rodgers (1097 yards, 14TDs), who runs like Bill, will be the catalyst, if the Beavers are to pull the upset.  

The rest of the pedestrian cast, QB Ryan Katz (16 touchdown passes – 8 interceptions) and receiver Markus Wheaton led a group who feeds close to the bottom, ranking; 96th in rushing, 80th in scoring (24 pts. a game) and a dismal 95th  overall, which is not enough powder to take on Oregon’s fire power.

The D, featuring tackle Stephen Paea, end Gabe Miller and backer Keith Pankey                    struggles mightily defending both the pass and the run, a ranks 84th overall surrendering a colander average of; 25 points a game, which is the wrong recipe against might Oregon.

We think the Duck feed continues, and Chip Kelly, who less than five years ago was the offensive coordinator at UNH, will now be playing for the national championship!

UConn at South Florida (ESPN2, 8 p.m.) The Connecticut eleven has had a better ride than Neil Armstrong.

If Coach Randy Edsall’s Huskies (who didn’t begin playing Division 1A football until the year 2000, as an Independent.), are victorious Saturday night, UConn is Big East Champs and more importantly, BCS bound.  It is truly a remarkable story.

The engine of these offensively challenged (91st) Sons of Sam Rutigliano, is its All-America tailback, Jordan Todman, the nation’s second leading rusher (14 TDs), who is averaging a shade less than 150 yards a game.

When the Boys from Storrs take to the air, (7th from the bottom in passing), QB Zach Frazier (5 touchdown passes – 3 interceptions – 53% completion rate) is the steady director, with assists from wideouts Michael Smith and Kashif Moore.

The D, which has garnered 16 interceptions, and ranks 10th in turnover margin, attacks behind backers; Lawrence Wilson, Sio Moore, Scott Lutrus, and end Jessee Joseph, back boning the Huskies season.

Coach Skip Holtz’s Bulls are intent on trampling on the UConn parade.

Like its counterpart, the South Florida D, featuring the linebacking trio: Jacquain Williams, Sam Barrington, and Devekeyan Lattimore, surrenders less than 20 points a game, and has been the pegs that have held the Bulls season together.

On the other side of the ball, the bottom feeding offense (103rd overall) commanded by dual-threat QB B.J. Daniels (- 9 touchdown passes – 12 interceptions – questionable thigh), [if he can’t go Bobby Eveld will start] with assists from tailbacks; Moise Plancher, Demetrius Murray and wideouts; Dontavia Bogan and Evan Landi.

In a defensive battle, that will have more hits than a Sinatra retrospective, we think the Boys from the Nutmeg State hit the Bulls-eye and capture the big prize.

No. 2 Auburn vs. No. 18 South Carolina – SEC Championship Game – Atlanta, Georgia (Ch. 4, 4 p.m.)

This is the final challenge for Cam Newton’s season long, gravity defying, show.

Auburn’s colossal-sized (6-foot-6, 250 pounds) dart thrower, ranks second in pass efficiency, and has been as magical as David Copperfield in leading the Tigers, (who have trailed in eight of its games, and in four by more than 13 points), to its unblemished record.

“Mr. Everything,” the overwhelming Heisman Trophy leader, (24 touchdown passes – 6 interceptions), and the nation’s 11th ranked rusher (18 TDs, while averaging over 110 yards a game), is assisted by tailbacks; Michael Dyer, Onterio McCalebb and wideouts; Darvin Adams, Terrell Zachery, and Kodi Burns.

The D, led by All-America tackle Nick Fairley, backer Josh Bynes, and end Antoine Carter crushes runners, but is as shaky (106th) as the Irish economy or a US diplomat working in Moscow, defending an aerial attack.

This is the biggest football game in the century plus history of South Carolina football.

It’s also the reason the Head Ball Coach, Steve Spurrier, decided to come to Columbia.

Spurrier’s charges, who for only the third time in Gamecock history, have won at least 9 games, are directed by QB Stephen Garcia (18 touchdown passes – 9 interceptions) with assists from its sensational freshman tailback Marcus Lattimore (17 TDs – averaging over 100 yards a game), and his All-America, field stretching wideout (10TDs), Alshon Jeffery.

The D, behind end Devin Taylor and corner Stephon Gilmore stones runners, but is more skittish, than a South Korean military border guard, in defending (99th) against the pass.

As much as we are tempted to take the “Mad Scientist,” who has his Cocks playing at a high level, we think more magic remains in the arm and legs of Auburn’s; “Mr. Heisman.”

No. 13 Nebraska vs. No. 10 Oklahoma Big 12 Championship – Arlington, Texas        (Ch. 5, 8 p.m.)

For one final time, before Nebraska bolts for the Big Ten, these ancient rivals revive the golden days of the Big Eight.

 In fact, in those glory days, from 1971-1995, Nebraska won ten outright titles, Oklahoma eight, and three additional were shared.  Included in one of those meetings, is the 1971 clash, (The Johnny Rodgers run), considered by many to be the greatest game of the 20th century.

With apologies to the Who, meet the new Huskers, same as the old Huskers.

Nebraska motors as the nation’s eighth best rushing attack (269 yds. a game) on the legs of its starry tailback combo; Roy Helu and Rex Burkhead, who have combined for 2094 yards and 22 touchdowns.

The QB duties are expected to be shared between its mercury-fueled freshman Taylor Martinez (ankle), and sophomore Cody Green, who may indeed start, with an assist from wideout Brandon Kinnie.

The anvil hard Blackshirt D, the country’s eighth stingiest (16 pts. a game), and fifth overall, fires behind All-America tackle Jared Crick, backer Lavonte David and end Cameron Meredith.

The air raid Sooners are led by its gunslinging QB, Landry Jones (34 touchdown passes – 10 interceptions), with assists from All-America wideout Ryan Broyles (13 TDs – leads the nation in receptions per game 9.5), fellow receiver Kenny Stills, and good-hands tailback, Demarco Murray (14TDs, knee).

But as the Norman faithful are well aware, the D has been drier than a Sunday morning in Salt Lake City. 

These imposters have some talent, featuring All-America end Jeremy Beal and backer Travis Lewis, but overall, defend the run and the pass about as well as Barney Frank hides his disdain for the “unwashed” electorate.

Despite those deficiencies, we think the Norman invaders have too much firepower for the Boys from Lincoln, and end this once classic rivalry, with a; Sooner-Boomer victory.

No. 20 Florida State vs. No. 12 Virginia Tech – ACC Championship Game – Charlotte, North Carolina (ESPN, 7:45 p.m.)

Last year Florida State told its legendary and beloved coach, Bobby Bowden, it was time.  In his place, coach in waiting, Jimbo Fisher, has led the Noles into the ACC Championship game.

The Seminoles are directed by its starry dual-threat QB, Christian Ponder (20 touchdown passes – 8 interceptions), with assists from tailbacks; Chris Thompson, Jermaine Thomas, and wideouts Bert Reed and Taiwan Eastering.

The nation’s 11th stingiest D (17.8 pts. a game), led by ends Brandon Jenkins (12 sacks), Markus White and backer Nigel Bradham is solid against the run but shows some vulnerability defending against the pass.

If this was Vegas, Coach Frank Beamer would be leaving with wheel barrel of chips.

After losing its first two games, including an embarrassing loss to Division 1AA James Madison, the Hokies coach drew an inside straight, reeling off ten in a row, for Beamer’s seventh consecutive season with at least 10 victories, the longest such streak in Division 1A.

VaTech is also the first team to have an unblemished ACC record, since Florida State did it, under Bobby Bowden, in 1999.

These Blacksburg Bombers are commanded by its dual threat QB Tyrod Taylor (20 touchdown passes – 4 interceptions), with assists from tailbacks; Darren Evans, Ryan Williams, and a pair of glue fingered receivers; Jarrett Boykin and Danny Coale.

On D, Beamer Ball, featuring spine crunching backers; Bruce Taylor, Lyndell Gibson, and end Steven Friday, is also in full bloom. The Hokies lead the nation in turnover margin – (plus 16) – while hauling in 20 interceptions, and have allowed a total of; 6 fourth quarter touchdowns.

After its two missteps, VaTech has proven it is one of the nation’s best, and easily handles the Boys from Tallahassee.


(Material from other sources was used in compiling this report.)

Last week’s record: 2-3                                                Season record: 42-23.

Be sure to read our weekend recap, which will be up and running by noon Sunday.

Until then, Peace and listen to the music.