Recap of week 14

The Thanksgiving weekend had had some trepidation – just ask Texas and Alabama – but in the end, the chalk won out. 

We’ll begin on the Plains of Auburn, where Alabama took a first quarter punch on the chin – down 14-0 – then methodically reeled in the Tigers, eventually winning on a last minute “championship” drive orchestrated by quarterback Greg McElroy.  It was also a game that saw the Heisman hopes of tailback Mark Ingram disappear as quickly as a bowl of stuffing.

On Thanksgiving night, Texas needed every weapon in its arsenal, the biggest being the right arm of quarterback Colt McCoy, as the Horns held off the Aggies of A&M, 49-39, in the highest scoring game in the 116 year history of the rivalry.  It was a game that many feel won the Heisman Trophy for Mr. McCoy.

In Florida, it was embarrassing for 80 year old Bobby Bowden and his once mighty Seminoles of Florida State.  It looked the j.v. against the varsity.  At one point Florida lead 30-0, before calling off the dogs, eventually winning 37-10. It was so bad that at the end of the third quarter, on a fourth and goal at the 2, down 30-0, Bowden opted for a field goal to avoid the embarrassment of a shutout.  Yikes!  All-world quarterback Tim Tebow, threw for three touchdowns and ran for two, as the Gators finished 12-0 for the second time in school history, and improved its winning streak to 22 -0.  It also put Mr. Tebow very much back into the Heisman Trophy conversation.

Good for CBS, for not going the PC route.  When the Florida/Florida State half ended 24-0, CBS flashed a promo for next week which read: Alabama vs. Florida for the SEC Championship, Saturday at 3 p.m., knowing, what everyone else in the country knew watching that game, that the outcome had already been determined. 

Last night saw “former” Irish head coach Charlie Weis, who five years ago stormed into South Bend full of bluster and bravado, sneak out of Palo Alto in silence, without speaking to the media, humbled by another embarrassing loss, this time to Stanford.  Notre Dame was once again let down by its defense, which stops an opponent as often as the Pope misses Mass.

In Philadelphia, actually in Athens, Ohio, the Temple University carriage turned into a pumpkin, as the Owls saw its nine game winning streak come to a crashing end, eliminating Temple from the MAC Championship game.

Talk about limping into the ACC Championship game – or the SEC took the ACC to school.  Number seven Georgia Tech was upset at home by the lowly (7-5) Dawgs of Georgia 30-24, as it was Georgia who ran all over the Jackets of Tech.  Then in Columbia, South Carolina, the Ol Ball Coach and his Gamecocks throttled the fifteenth ranked Tigers 34-17, as C.J. Spiller also ran himself out of the Heisman. Now both of these “losers” will face each other for the ACC Championship next week.  Bet that game will be well attended!!

Old friend Tom O’Brien and his NC State Wolfpack upset intra-state rival UNC, winning for their beloved coach, offensive coordinator Dana Bible who is being treated for Leukemia.  One of the nation’s best unknown quarterbacks, NC State’s Russell Wilson was also on full display throwing his 30th touchdown pass.

TCU finished its season undefeated and punched its ticket into a BCS game for the first time.  The Horned Frogs are a very dangerous team, and for one game can play with anybody.  And with Oklahoma State being throttled by the Oklahoma 27-0, Boise State will also be going BCS bowling.

How about Mississippi State, clobbering Mississippi 41-27, to capture the Egg Bowl, it was the most points scored by MSU against its rival since the Administration of Woodrow Wilson in 1917.

Kentucky lost to Tennessee for the twenty-fourth consecutive time. 

SMU, the only school ever to be stained with the NCAA death penalty, is bowl eligible for the first time since the Regan Administration of 1984, great job by head coach June Jones.

Can’t wait for Saturday’s Armageddon clash between Florida and Alabama – early thoughts – we like the Gators.

Well, that’s it from cyber space.  We’ll be up and running with our analysis of week 15 Wednesday night.  Until then, Peace.  PK


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